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Aircraft radio frequency list

The Low Frequency LF Aviation Band Low frequencies were very important to air navigation years ago, but became increasingly less important as more reliable systems operating at higher frequencies were developed and became widely available. Many Low Frequency navigation beacons were decommissioned long ago because of that. The few that remain primarily provide backup navigation in the event of primary navigation system failures, although some are used routinely even today in the execution of instrument landings.

Some NDB's are all that remain. The Low Frequency LF aviation band extends from kHz to kHz with some internal gaps assigned to other services. The entire Low Frequency LF aviation band can be received by the receiver at this website. Nearly all that traffic moved to Very High Frequencies long ago and domestic aircraft use of Medium Frequencies is now very rare.

However, international flights still use the High Frequencies bands routinely for voice communications, because of the much longer distances over which they can be used.

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Always fun to listen to VHF air band 108 to 136 MHz

All transmissions use USB, unless otherwise noted. These frequencies are used while the aircraft are beyond VHF line-of-sight of the area air traffic control stations. Flights on transoceanic routes are typically out of VHF range for most of the trip, and therefore rely very heavily on HF communications for instructions from the air traffic control ATC centers.

I have listed the International Civil Aviation Organization frequencies first. These channels relay ATC information, and the aircraft typically report position, upper level weather conditions, and so on. The most common language will be English.

Flight level Estimating Trout at Static air minus 42, winds diagonal Speedbird 94 "niner four" is the aircraft's callsign.Aeronautical Mobile Service.

The aeronautical mobile service is subdivided into two distinct radio services; namely, aeronautical mobile route R and aeronautical mobile off-route OR services. By definition, the aeronautical mobile R service is reserved for communications relating to safety and regularity of flight, primarily along national or international civil air routes; while, the aeronautical mobile OR service is intended for other communications, including those relating to flight coordination, primarily outside national or international civil air routes.

In general, the U. Federal Government frequency assignments in the bands allocated to the aeronautical mobile service in this portion of the spectrum are used for controlling aircraft traffic. Aeronautical Mobile R Service: An aeronautical mobile service reserved for communications relating to safety and regularity of flight, primarily along national or international civil air routes. Frequency assignments to stations in the aeronautical mobile R service, in the HF band, must be assigned in conformity with the provisions and the allotment plan of Appendix 27 of the ITU Radio Regulation RR.

Aeronautical Mobile OR Service: An aeronautical mobile service intended for communications, including those relating to flight coordination, primarily outside national or international civil air routes.

Finding Air Traffic Frequencies

Frequencies in the bands allocated exclusively to the OR service are nationally used primarily for the satisfaction of military aeronautical requirements. Nationally in the U. The vast majority of their assignments are dedicated for air-ground-air communications. Other uses of the aeronautical mobile OR service bands by the Air force are: global command and control stations required for air and ground communications; flight testing; ground tactical communications; communications for the Strategic forces; and data coordination.

This list is for personal use only. Reproduction of this list in any form or in any other venue on the net or print publication is not permitted with permission of the copyright holder. Links to this list are fine and no permission needed to link this article on the web. HFDL information based on Table 51 released in Barragada, Guam remotes.

Eval Guam remotesSeoul KOR. Flight Test: Boeing Everett. The result, pilots can always communicate with someone on the ground. Occasionally used by US military and other foreign military countries. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Last Updated: March 6, References.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewedtimes. Learn more Air traffic control ATC is responsible for providing crucial information to pilots around busy airports.

aircraft radio frequency list

They communicate with pilots on designated radio frequencies to keep airport operations running smoothly and safely. Their communication is also accessible to the public. Whether you are a student pilot, retired pilot or just want to know what's going on in the friendly skies, you can listen to air traffic controllers at work any time.

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Then, go on sites like skyvector. Use the chart to find the airport closest to you so you can listen to weather forecasts and airport information. To learn more, including how to listen for specific frequencies like emergency frequencies and Unicom communications, read on!

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Vehicles are all at the same level with a differentiation in speed and direction. Now add a third dimension, vertical height.

Now you have a traffic management environment where speed and direction variables now include a height variable. The maximum kilometre per hour speeds can now be up to 10 times or more, meaning that the seperation between targets aircraft must now take into account vertical and horizontal seperation. Such is the extraordinary skills required of an air traffic controller — to picture in their minds a three dimensional map of the airways projected on a two dimensional screen.

Some air traffic controllers describe their job as a chess game where the pieces are cocoons with people in them travelling at very high speed.

So too are the frequencies on which pilots communicate from the time of gaining an airways clearance to the time that they park the plane at their destination. The number of air traffic frequencies in Australia are far too many to mention here, however to obtain frequencies for your local area have a look at the Aeronautical Information Package En Route Supplement Australia ERSA. Brisbane and Melbourne are the two primary air traffic control centres for Australia, however local airport frequency information is available in the ERSA specific to your nearest airport.

Just find your local airport in the ERSA and click on the link. If you live within a reasonable distance of Melbourne [Tullamarine] International Airport YMML or Melbourne Essendon YMEN, and you have a reasonable antenna, you will hear air to ground traffic from commercial aircraft communicating with ground staff.

Try the following frequencies:. You may have varying success with the ground stations, depending on your location, receiver and antenna. I am using a simple VHF groundplane here, at around 4 metres in height with reasonable readability on these frequencies.

Naturally if you can raise your antenna up higher, reception should be better. Aircraft can be heard for hundreds of miles but ground stations are naturally weaker. A number of frequencies have been allocated to specific air operations tasks.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

Common frequencies, such as that used for search and rescue operations, provide a focal point for specific air operations and become well known. Some of the more common allocations are highlighted in the following table.

Other allocated frequencies may be used less often, however it may be worth allocating a memory channel to them in your scanning receiver. These include the air show frequency In relation to air shows, by far the largest in the Melbourne Metropolitan area is the Avalon Air Show, held every two years.

The next show will be held in and it is worth noting that prior to the Avalon Air Show specific Avalon Airspace Procedures are published to advise of restricted zones and mandatory communications protocols, procedures and frequencies.

Such publications are extremely detailed and specific in terms of instructions. Your email address will not be published.Airborne planes can easily be heard from well over miles, so you don't have to live near an airport. If you do live near an airport, you can find out all the traffic control, weather, and Traffic Advisory frequencies by entering the airport at AirNav.

At most small airports that don't have control towers, the UNICOM frequency is used by the pilots use to talk to each other, usually Airports with control towers usually have an assigned Unicom channel of Most airports large enough to have control towers have the following types of channels:.

Aviation Spectrum Resources, Inc. ASRI is the spectrum manager for aeronautical "company frequencies" The primary users of these frequencies are airlines but they are also used by Fixed Base Operators FBOscorporate aviation bases, some medevac services and other entities. Aeronautical Radio, Inc. There are no official "national" company frequency allocations, however among larger airlines there are common frequencies that you will find used by each at many different airports.

Please note that "common" frequencies are less likely to be valid in busier air traffic areas due to frequency congestion e. Some common allocations include:. When aircraft are within minutes of their destination, they may call in on a company frequency to report equipment malfunctions, delays, rerouting, and the special needs, such as wheelchairs and unaccompanied minors UM. Sometimes, when they are about 10 minutes off the ground on their trip away from the airport, they call back with the times they were off the gate, and off the ground.

Airlines with a small presence at a given airport will frequently contract out ground handling services to another airline, FBO or ground handling services company. In these cases, an airline may use the frequency of the entity that is handling them at the airport. But just to keep things interesting, some airlines will contract out ramp handling but have their own customer service staff so they may have their own company frequency in this case.

On the ground, you may find airline ground operations in the Often, you can learn of flight delays, cancellations, or gate changes on the frequencies before they are announced. These frequencies are not listed at AirNav. They are kept on charts in PDF format, which is linked here. Go to:. All commercial and private aircraft in the United States use callsigns that start with the letter 'N'. Private pilots and air traffic controllers often just use the last two or three digits of the callsign and the aircraft type to save precious air time "Cessna Hotel".

Commercial aircraft generally use the flight number and company name as their callsign "United ". This can be confusing, but FlightAware will give you a list of possible flights with every combination of those numbers.Just applying it in powder form with a fingertip worked really well. Reply11 months 21 days agoWeiShare On TwitterShare On GoogleSo helpful. Thank u for the exhaustive list.

aircraft radio frequency list

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aircraft radio frequency list

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aircraft radio frequency list

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