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Honda foreman hard to start

Honda foreman 500 will not start.

Log in or Sign up. Honda foreman will not start. Jun 17, 1. The starter relay will click when the starter button is pushed but the starter does not turn. Tried to jump across the relay with a screw driver and nothing, not even a spark. Any ideas? Jun 17, 2. How old is the battery?

Had one that went bad thought the starter was going bad it would turnover real slow. New battery fixed it. Jun 17, 3.

Why Is My ATV So Difficult To Start

Have you try to pull start it?? Jun 17, 4. Low battery! If the stater will not turn when shorting the solenoid, its a low battery. DelbertJun 17, Jun 17, 5. ChitlinJun 17, Jun 17, 6. Jun 17, 7. Just like everybody else is saying. Check the battery. Jun 17, 8. If not the battery, could be the starter brushes are wore out. AdogJun 17, Jun 17, 9. Had the same thing happen to ours awhile back.

Apparently when my son was washing it he some how disconnected a wire back around the battery area which caused it to behave just as you descibed. We put the charger on it awhile but still no luck. They hooked it back up and it started as it was supposed to. Sorry I can't remember which wire it was but try looking around for any loose wires.

Hope this helps. Jun 22, Put a new battery in it and still nothing. The lights all came on nice and bright.When my Honda Rancher sits for a day or more, gas drains back to the tank making it a five-minute crank to start. What can I do to fix this? Well there is one thing that is for certain, the gas is not draining back into the tank. The tank on your TRXFM sits well above the carburetor right between your legs under the handlebars and cannot return once it leaves via the petcock.

One of the reasons a carbureted engine is a little tough to start sometimes is the compression of the engine is too low to draw ample fuel into the cylinder to burn. If the rings, piston or cylinder are not working properly, not enough suction or compression is produced to pull the fuel in. Another problem you might encounter are the valves not being set in the correct tolerances or being worn past service limits, causing what are essentially timing issues.

Shimming or adjusting the valves needs to be performed by a service tech or experienced mechanic, as you can cause more damage by not getting this service done correctly the first time. These are all real issues that a trusty old ATV will encounter sooner or later and if you do not service the engine properly in the timely intervals required by the manufacturer,then you will see it sooner rather than later. Look at these items carefully and I think you will find that you need to give this TRXF a few hugs and kisses to get back into the trail.

Photos by Honda. Get ATV. Like ATV. Email a friend Specs Comment. Joe Howard Hi Joe, Well there is one thing that is for certain, the gas is not draining back into the tank. Five of the Best Cheap Four Wheelers.

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Honda Foreman hard to start.

honda foreman hard to start

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Honda Foreman hard to start I have a Honda Foreman ES and it is driving me nuts. If the temp is above 28 it starts immediately.

honda GCV160 hard starting (easy start)

With each degree drop in temp it adds about a minute of cranking time to start. Any ideas as to why? Tags: None. A couple of questions, how old is the battery and does your choke work?

I've got one like yours but mine's an 04 and i've never had the problem your experiencing. It sounds to me like your battery is going you could have water in your gas. Comment Post Cancel. The battery seems strong enough and I have ran 5 or 6 tanks of gas through it. I bought it used and the winch is also wired wrong.

It will only pull if the engine is off. I bet the starting problem and the incorrectly wired winch could be related. The winch hot wire is spliced into the ignition wire. Should I disconnect it and wire directly to the battery or to the "fuse box" that little box with electrical connections. Formerly Montana Bob. Foreman My Foreman was doing kinda the same thing. How is the choke cable? Mine was really tight and would kill my thumb trying to move it.

I used to have to keep it in the heated garage to plow the driveway. I can now leave it on the porch outside and she fires right up as the choke cable moves freely. Also just a heads up, I have used this thing in Fairbanks for work and once it gets around 20 below or so outside, she just won't idle. I kept it in a heated shop all night and it ran fine in there, but at a certain point when it gets too cold it can be tough keeping her going at idle.Buying Advice.

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Thread starter teamlund Start date Oct 18, Joined Oct 18, Threads 2 Messages 4. Hey fellas, great looking site! Had problems starting it right out of the gate. Took it to the dealer and they replaced the carb and still the same issue. Basically it will always start but after anywhere from pulls.


When it is warm it starts usually on the first or second pull And when it does finally start its a "chugging" start and it actaully takes about 10 seconds for the engine to actually catch and run like it is suppose to. Other than that its a great mower!This box will disappear once you are signed in as a member. EMOJI those posts you 'appreciateplease Like it will spin over with the electric start but wont start?

Or it wont even spin over? If it spins over and wont start,it's probably something to do with the wiring. If it doesn't even spin over with the electric start I'd try a new battery and if that doesn't work I'd try a new solenoid. Key is on, kill switch off, it cranks normally with the electric start but will not start?

Correct so far? Does it do the same thing after it has been warmed up or does it do this only when cold starting? Can't get it to start using the electric start, but a few pulls and I can get it going. Once it is warmed up, then I am good to go, but if it sits and it is cold out, I have tp pull start it. Other wheelers start right off and I am always the last to start.

Cranks normally with plenty of battery juice. I appreciate the help. You only need to push it maybe and then choke it. You probably need a carb adjustment. Ok, it sounds like it is a fuel issue for sure.

Is this by chance a wheeler that does not get run on a regular basis? Possibly your primer circuit is plugged. If so, a carb cleaning may be in order.

When you push the primer can you feel it get harder to push? Usually the first few times you push its easy, then it builds some resistance and you can tell its pumping. I wouldn't be afraid to push it more than 8 times if you are not feeling any resistance. I've never been able flood a Honda yet. If it won't start with the starter motor but fires right up with the rope start I don't think it's the carb.

Sounds like your starter isn't turning the engine over fast enough. Weak battery, bad connection with cables or weak starter. My motorcycle wouldn't start last year but would turn over. I cranked on it for quite awhile with no luck. Hooked the charger to the battery, barely hit the starter switch and it fired right up.

I would lean towards the battery too. How old is the battery?Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content. Hi, a friend has me looking at his Foreman 4x4 and I haven't worked on these things in 10 years so need advice:. It stopped shifting on him. He's used it pretty heavily since he bought it new. When you try to shift it, it feels like it's trying to grab, but skips over the gear and doesn't change gears.

Can't get it back into neutral to start it. I should add: The oil looks and smells fine. He has used Honda Oil in it exclusively. Also, it feels like it's shifting Could the shifter fork be bent? Did you take it apart to look in there or are you going to try the easy stuff first? Its a toe shift. Havent popped the cover yet First thought was shifter forks too Hoping it IS something easy that might be common with these.

He has used it pretty hard plowing snow and moving dirt. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible.

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Not a member? Honda ATV Forum. Search In. Do you own an ATV?View Full Version : Honda won't start if it's recently been running - any thoughts? Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks.

My Honda Accord - standard - 5 speed is giving me grief. If I take it for a short drive, and I leave it for just a short time - minutes - when I come back it often won't start If I leave it alone for a few minutes, then it's fine. The only thing I can think of is: I have a habit of turning on my headlights as soon as I start my car - perhaps on some occasions I'm doing it too quickly, and it's too much of a battery drain?

Whether it's doing that, or it's the few minutes of waiting, it has always started again eventually. Any thoughts? It might be your starter getting hot. Once it cools down some it works again. You might try pouring some water on it next time and see if that helps.

honda foreman hard to start

Take it to a parts house and have them test the battery. If the battery is good then odds are it's time for a starter. They'll get hot like Reeder was saying and won't turn over until it cools off a bit. Sometimes that'll be due to bad design of the vehicle or modifications made to it. Sometimes the heat shield on some cars will be missing etc. How old is the starter? I've got an old '65 ford pickup that I only take on short trips, usually less than a mile around the corner etc.

If I don't let take it for a long drive once in awhile the battery will get weak because it is always starting the truck and never runs long enough to charge the battery back up to its full potential.

Just a thought. I've had that problem a few times in my day. Always park on an incline, preferably backed in.

So I'm wondering if that weakened the battery enough to be causing these problems. So I'll have the battery tested and if it's fine, I'll have someone take a look at the starter Sounds like the main relay. This is a small electrical relay located just to the left of the driver's knee - the relay gets hot and then won't work until it cools down.

Even though you don't sound like car experts who could test the relay, you can do some simple experiments to see if this might be the cause. For instance, you can try opening the driver's door and fanning it when the car will not start, or alternatively, heating it up with a hair dryer to see if it will cause the car not to start.

This is a very common problem in Hondas of this vintage. Any experienced Foreign car mech will have seen it dozens if not hundreds of times.

Good Luck.

honda foreman hard to start

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