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Kontakt choir free

Made popular in the 60s by legendary rock and jazz musicians, the Wurli is known for its distinctly sharp tone, cutting through your music like a knife. Choose our 'Super Soft' presets for a more mellow, soulful tone. Recorded at Air Edel Studios, London, this sound has become a favourite of musicians and composers across the globe. The soft tone is achieved by placing a thin strip of felt between the hammers and the strings. This legendary vintage electric piano is a classic, recorded and engineered at Spitfire Studios.

Use it to write jazz melodies, or to add warm, mellow tones to your music. Another vintage gem recorded at Spitfire Studios, this Vox electric piano is overflowing with nostalgia. Seamlessly mix electric piano, finger bass and electro-harpsichord presets, and turn up the vibrato for ultimate 60s funk vibe.

Recorded on our dry stage at Spitfire Studios, this swirling, droning brass will add warmth and subtle movement to your scores. Trumpet Fields features two amazing trumpet players performing soft, long notes with a range of granular elements — from double tonguing to slow bends. Choose from five different reverbs to create your own unique, atmospheric textural beds. Immerse yourself in the magical resonance of the Chinese moon guitar.

Recorded by Christian Henson and Seb Truman on a Neumann M valve condenser mic, it features solo, ensemble and tremolo patches, adding texture and beauty to your music. Mixed by Spitfire co-founder Paul Thomson, these strings will add texture and vibrancy to your music.

Each artist has submitted a sample that means something to them — from the sounds of ice skating to pianos — mangled and warped by our expert team to create entirely new and unconventional sounds.

Discover nine patches of ambient pads, perfect for all your dream sequences. Add a touch of glistening magic to your music. Many years ago, we dotted a selection of hand bells around the Spitfire office, dinging them at any punchline.

Hearing their sampling potential, we took them into the Spitfire studio, adding vibrato and ghostly effects. Two dulcimers, recorded by composer and Spitfire Audio founder, Christian Henson. He sampled a range of playing techniques to capture the versatility of the instrument. Choose hammered for a round, warm tone, fingerpicked or tremolo for a more metallic edge, and discover the spellbinding quality of the mini dulcimer, with glissandi.

In JanuaryChristian Henson made a modular piano. Performed by a small ensemble of string players, we give you three distinctive presets: Cool, which creates icy overtones; Sustain, for longer notes; and Stretched, for a disturbing, drawn-out effect that will make your hairs stand on end. Sampled by Christian Henson back inthis classic instrument has been used all over his scores, and despite its simplicity, is a directors' favourite. Created using a Fender Telecaster fed through a 15w vintage tweed amp with a hint of vibrato, tremolo and distortion, we offer you a guitar sound synonymous with British indie music.

They fed five vintage synths through reverb, guitar pedals and a selection of outboard gear to create a super celestial sonic universe! LABS Choir features ever-changing choral samples, created by combining three evolutions from this epic vocal encyclopaedia — the textures weave in and out of each other and evolve constantly as you play, offering you endless inspiration. This was the instrument that inspired Christian and Paul to create Spitfire Audio. The amps were driven incredibly hard, allowing you to turn your strings up to 11!

Login failed!VST plugins have become the glue that binds many processes in music making together and have gradually become essential to everything, from mixing to creative composition. You insert them on your instrument or audio tracks and open them up in the same way as a synth; and like those virtual recreations of classic gear, plug-in effects can also emulate old gear. In fact, many of the early ones were developed to copy expensive analogue equipment again, just like virtual synths.

Here we look at the best vst plugins — both paid and free — that will help craft better beats.

Ancient Voices – A Free Kontakt Male Choir!

But if you need a flawless choir sound and have the money, I would highly recommend picking one of these choir VSTs.

Aside from having a great deal of articulation and control, the number one thing of value is the ability to generate actual, understandable words. This is hands down the number one choir VST in the world. It has more articulation choices than most people know what to do, ranging from microphone placement to all forms of sounds, whispers, vocal percussive sounds and so forth. What makes it absolutely spetacular is the WordBuilder though. Using this built in WordBuilder, you can literally write out lyrics in plain English and the orchestra will produce those words right there for you.

The WordBuilder has a fairly limited vocabulary in addition to a phonetic alphabet that works with it, so most basic words in English can be reproduced. Pro tip: For words with multiple syllables, you break them across notes and key releases. I try to stick with single syllable words or sounds. I have all of the lyrics transliterated like this. It works out just fine in the end.

The sound library for Symphonic Choirs comes in at an impressive 40GB. Requiem Light is a professional symphonic choir library specifically designed for epic cinematic scoring and dramatic trailer composition. This library is powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt Player engine. This library includes three true legato vowels, a variety of classic vowel sustains and staccatos, single-syllable Marcato words, long poly-syllabic Latin sustains and fast, aggressive Latin staccatos, as well as a big selection of classic and uniquely creative dynamic choral effects, a great collection of emotive solo soprano and tenor polysustains and a selection of sound-designed atmospheric pads, drones and choral atmospheres.

All of this content is wrapped in a newly redesigned intuitive and flexible graphical user interface for easy parameter shaping, real-time articulation layering and switching, fluid legato, customisable section blending and a fully-integrated syllable and phrase step sequencer. With a clean and responsive interface, pristine acoustic fidelity and excellent vocal performances, Requiem Light is your new go-to for classical and cinematic lead choral arrangements.

It is Insa, Mel and Basia — 3 wonderful female artists who have exclusively performed for this lovely and intimate choir instrument. Strictly speaking Les Femmes is a choir instrument, just layer some unique voices and you will achieve a rich, intimate and bright choir.

But Interval Les Femmes is much more. Inspired by contemporary compositions Interval pursues a new approach into building sounds.

It is hard to explain, but in the broadest sense, Interval Les Femmes lets you build unique voice harmonies, organic choir patches and inspiring vocal atmospheres.

CHOIR Evo is a unique processor that turns a single monophonic voice into 4, 8, 16, or 32 distinct individual unison voices, each with its own pitch, timing and vibrato variations. When multiple instances of CHOIR Evo are assigned to individual harmony parts, the result is an amazingly realistic large vocal ensemble.

While you are saving money for one of the above VSTs, what is a starving artist to do?This instrument features very detailed release and fret noises, most likely one of the best free guitar Kontakt library in this list.

This is a free 1. Since this is supposed to be a demo version of their premium Kontakt instruments, this orchestral library has a limited set of articulations and a single microphone position, but the same 3 dynamic layers and up to 7 round robins.

The developers recorded the full range of each ensemble in unison, from lowest to highest note. Instruments play together when their ranges overlap and drop out when they reach their limits. Link: Download at output. If you love the warm and massive sound of a full symphonic orchestra, but premium strings Kontakt library cost too much, Sonuscore is giving away these new Kontakt Orchestra Libraries totally free!

The library sounds very warm and has an impressive sound for being a free library. The Kontakt instrument interface is straightforward to control, and each interface comes with only one knob. Playing notes in Low-velocity triggers major chords, and high-velocity triggers minor chords. In the Sustained String Chords library, the mod allows you to control dynamics, mix sustain and tremolo chords. Both libraries let you play low, mid and high strings separately or play colossal epic chords altogether.

The interface is beautifully simple and straightforward. These are definitely some of our two favorite free Kontakt libraries out there.

kontakt choir free

Must have instruments to take your production to the next level, for free. It serves a purpose and one purpose only, which orchestral rises. And it does it WELL! With every mapped note being a uniquely recorded take of the same length, one has the ability to create a custom riser comprised of only the certain sections, or go all in and create a thundering rise of multiple takes together with zero phasing!

This stunning Kontakt sample library and virtual instrument contains playable picking grooves, textures and one shot samples all with 5 mic positions and on board mixer. Everything is wrapped up in a beautiful and easy to use interface that is a pleasure to look at. On top of it all, the samples used this free library are in the public domain, which means they can be used freely for your own projects. Despite it being a stripped down version of a premium Kontakt instrument, this free library still delivers on usability and sound quality, making this a handy tool that provides excellent results with impressive sound quality.

Aurorror comes with more than 25 unique sound sources, 13 different modulators, an arpeggiator and polystep modes.

The instrument allows you to layer up to 3 sounds, each one with its own set of parameters that can be adjusted independently from other layers to better shape your sounds. The Presets can then be easily saved via the Kontakt menu.

kontakt choir free

It comes with 18 presets that you can customize and save. This Kontakt instrument offers four pages of parameters to tweak your sounds. Main Engine, where you can control layers volume, filter along with its types, envelope as well as cutoff and resonance, amp envelope ADSR and pitch envelope. Effect Engine, where you can add reverb, delay distortion and more.

What are some of the best free Choir libraries?

Rythm engine, to create exciting patterns with the arpeggiator. And output engine. This is a very in-depth Kontakt library that will especially come handy when working on breakdowns that needs just that extra background sound that fills the space and ends up making all the difference.

This free Kontakt library is a collection of 43 handcrafted drone that features dark and cinematic sound effects. The interface is straightforward and allows you to quickly access eq, volume, tune and some effects like distortion and flanger.Freebies, freebies, freebies. Before you start buying the most expensive sample libraries check out my list of free sample libraries first.

kontakt choir free

I hope you find the instrument you need here. I subdivided the list into categories of instruments: Guitar, bass, orchestral instruments, keys and piano, drum and percussion, synths, other instruments think of world instruments, tiny instruments, weird instruments and everything elsesample player and instrument collections on some websites there are just too many sample instruments to categorize them.

Feel free to add missing instruments or report broken links in the comment section below!! If you come from a guitar background playing sample libraries with a guitar can be a viable alternative and lots of fun. How about adding the natural velocity of a wind instrument to your MIDI lines? I hope you could find something valuable on this list.

If there are any broken links or you free sample libraries that are not listed please let me know in the comments below! Great selection of freebies. It took me more than a week to collect all […]. Thanks for your great jobing! This very well might be the best post I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you very, very much. After so many free acoustic piano sample packs available for free, the list of free epiano samples appears to be much smaller. Perhaps there are a few more dozens of crappy soundfonts available, but following the.

I love this list, and I hope it gets updated. Dario, do you know, what you are? A genius!!! You saved houndreds of my dollars literally. Thanks for this nice gigantic collection. It is really really simple but beautiful. Has one knob, that is the moon on the right side and you can dial in all 6 preset sounds of the Yamaha synth, plus the drums also.

Great site here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Subscribe to my newsletter. Freebies, Freebies Everywhere.

Free Guitar Samples. Beautiful arped and ambient HQ guitar samples. A must click! Electric ukulele sample pack for kontakt. Several guitar and bass Kontakt libraries. Go for it! Free Bass Guitar Samples. Free bass guitar libraries.Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links.

Clicking these and making a purchase will directly support Rekkerd. Native Instruments Kontakt comes with a huge sample library, featuring well over 1, instruments spanning a wide range of styles. In the list below I have collected some links to free Kontakt instruments. Let me know if anything is missing and I will add it to the list. I found them good enough in quality. But the disappointing fact is their too large size, sometimes exceeding dozens of gigabytes.

Also breath control is not always possible to fine-adjust. Would really appreciate some feedback from your side on my difficulty You mean the Impact Soundworks Stroh Violin, right? Thanks Vladimir. I tried it, I found this library quite good.

Almost exactly what I was looking for, the realistic trumpet with natural-sounding vibrato. Got it : I am not able to get the pages, Here are links of a Clarinet and Oboe. Sorry if already listed and I missed it. Sennheiser just released DrummicA, a free 8GB drum kit with an excellent sound very dynamic and Kontakt user interface. I think they did this to demo how well their microphones capture drum sounds.

Hey Ronnie! Thanks for the heads up, Jonathan. I added the link to the list and posted a news item as well. And 20 Kurzweil files I made from samples of vintage gear owned by myself and a buddy of mine. I found a new link for it. The updated link is in the list above.

Here is a link to my Wurlitzer A that I sampled. Enjoy it and let me know what you think of it at tbogrady gmail. It would be awesome if you might perhaps tell us which of these libraries if any are compatible with the free Kontakt Player.This is not a complete list of free kontakt libraries or kontakt instruments, its simply a curated list of my favorites. They get plenty of burn in my production projects at least, some may even be slept on. So here they are, in table form for your viewing pleasure:.

Interested in getting free vst plugins, industry news, and music production deals directly to your inbox? Then subscribe to our newsletter community below! The idea is to layer up to 3 sounds and adjust the plethora of parameters to create your own sound.

Your new custom preset can then be saved. This developer has been around for quite some time and continues to offer a generous amount of extraordinary free and premium kontakt libraries. Recently they stepped their game up even further by designing their own Kontakt instrument, 16PAD.

There is also a simple on board step sequencer with controls for Volume, Tune and an Assignable Parameter per pad. The pads can be selected via MIDI and can be colorized individually. The channel mixer can be viewed by clicking the MIXER button to the bottom left of the step sequencer.

I would have liked to have had the ability to load my own samples and have darker more pronounced colors on the pads, but this is a very nice instrument nonetheless. Big up to HS! There is only 1 knob on each interface, low velocity triggers major chords, and high velocity triggers minor chords. On Sustained String Chords, you can control the dynamics with the mod wheel and mix sustain and tremolo chords. On both libraries, you can play low, mid, and high strings separately or play huge chords altogether.

The interface is simple and the design straight forward. It comes with 18 otherwordly patches and you are free to create and save your own custom patches. Just released a few days ago, NS Drum kicks pun intended in with a well-crafted and high quality sounding acoustic kit. Not only does the library sound great, but it offers the ability to really customize your drum sound with a nice set of sensible parameters: Pan, Tune, Room micAttack, Hold and Decay. There are a good number of presets for each of the 6 drum sounds represented in the intuitive interface: Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, Tom, Ride and Crash.

NS Drums J also boasts I very high level of detail as there are no less than 27 layers per instrumentso you will be able to dial in just about any acoustic kit sound you like. It also offers trombones, vocals and drums, as well custom made libraries, which are of course, not for free. They are sure to inspire. Tell me what you think. Remember Me. Lost your password? Best Free Kontakt Libraries for idsound July 11, Free Fall by Soundethers. Bicat Instruments. Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Stratus.

Cinematique Instruments Landscape. Cinematique Instruments Esemblia. Cymatics Free Kontakt Libraries.Join us now! Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More. Recent Blog Posts. Recent Photos. View More Photo Galleries.

Unread PMs. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Essentials Only Full Version. What are some of the best free Choir libraries? Re: What are some of the best free Choir libraries?

I missed that. I didn't realize that was an absolute requirement. You'll be hard pressed to find something with much range for free though Kontakt Player instruments require licensing fees, so the freebies for it are very "unique" and rare, and no one is doing a choir that way.

DimensionPro might have some patches too. But nothing I'd recommend. Max Output Level: The free sfz format Virtual Playing Orchestra 2. Still have that juanita. Mesh, wanna get? Thanks Mr. What Dan says seems to be the case though It is really tough to find good free choral libraries that don't require Kontakt.

The Most Powerful Choir Library I Ever Tried - StormChoir 2: Core Review

If anyone knows of any please let me know. I'd love to mess about with them. My complete list, but most are Kontakt

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