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Miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette kidnapped by hawkmoth

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miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette kidnapped by hawkmoth

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Welcome aboard the Adrinette Express! Here, you'll join us for 30 fluff-filled days of fun all while in the comforts of your home! You can enjoy the terribly fun misadventures of our young heroes, so what are you waiting for? Hop aboard! She is pregnant! With Paris safety on the line and SO much drama, how will she deal with it and will she continue being Ladybug? Also, will she be able to keep her "kitten" a secret? Sex implied but nothing specific or graphic.

Slightly aged up. Updates monthly now Bad taggs but worth to read!!! It was easy to confuse her grief for rage. She let it fuel her, ignoring the tears that blurred her vision. Hawkmoth stood tall in the growing shadows, straight backed and calculating. Of course, once the goal is accomplished, all bets are off, and I will be back to pursuing you relentlessly.

Do we have a deal, Ladybug? The man came to a standing position, dusting off his clothes as though it would make him more dignified. Ladybug narrowed her eyes and walked closer, studying him intently.

In which what happens when you piss sweet Marinette Dupain-Cheng off when she has unexpected allies of her own. How will every single person on her bad side handle the taste of their own medicine? Lila makes a big mistake when showing off one day to the class. But her mistake may turn out to be not such a bad thing for Marinette and Adrien. What would happen if Lila pushed Marinette just a little farther, if she was just a smidge more cruel?

Sabine Cheng was world wide famous for being a model to a worldwide known modelling branch.It was so romantic. The tour guide slowly starts glaring harder and harder at Lila as she talks over her. The guide leads them into the hall of vigilantes, looking ready to attack the Italian girl.

Marinette bites her lip to stop the giggle from escaping. The tour guide begins giving background on the different outfits and villains of each time. It is as she is talking about the second Robin and his disappearance after being kidnapped by the Joker and tortured on live TV that Lila begins talking loudly again.

I had tried to tell Batman where to find him, but by the time he got there it was already too late! Rage fills Marinette as the tour guide stares at the young girl with shock. She shoves a finger in her chest, glaring up at the girl.

He was tortured! Beaten and broken for the whole city to see, all because a man in a crappy suit decided that since he couldn't get to Batman he would hit him where he could! That young man is a hero, all of the vigilantes are! There is no Miraculous Cure to fix damages or deaths here.

None of these villains are like Hawkmoth's victims! They will and can kill without remorse! Going around acting like you know them will get us attacked or killed. All because you have to be the center of attention you With one more stab of her finger she turns around and storms off back to the displays. Her back to the crowd of open mouthed students and Gothamites.

She seems to shake herself before discussing their fashion sense with her. It is half an hour before they continue on; Lila uncommonly quiet the rest of the time. Once they finish up at the Museum they head off to one of the local shopping districts for lunch and a free afternoon.

Walking into the cozy room she silently steps up behind a tall man in a brown leather jacket. Humming to herself she reads over the options.

miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette kidnapped by hawkmoth

Just as she is about to walk up to order the man in front turns and seems to catch sight of her and fully turns to her. Snorting, Jason steps out of the way and lets her place her order before pulling her over to a table. Shaking her head she settles down opening her purse and setting the small napkin with cookie, cheese scone and fruits in her purse. At his raised brow she smiles taking a bite of cookie.

Marinette sits back watching him, before getting up and grabbing both of their drinks when their names are called. Setting them down on the table, Jason wipes his eyes before grinning brightly at her. Jason lets out another snort, setting his drink back down.Is this crack?

So I own ML? Final question: who inspired the part about Gabe being wild in the nineties? That would be tumblr's terriblenerdery and their comic series "Relive the Magic," specifically episode 2, The Bubbler.

It's amazing and funny and the first two are dubbed brilliantly on YouTube. You should check it out. Anyhow, there is no romance between Hawk Moth and Mari. They're just bros. Hope you like it. Onwards and upwards! No matter what, she could never let her guard down. She was Ladybugand she couldn't very well stop herself if she ever got mind-controlled into becoming a supervillain.

So even when the week was shot to hell, her positivity failed her, and hope was lost, she swore not to give into the darkness. The fact that a little black butterfly had set up camp in the necklace she was wearing put a layer of difficulty on keeping that resolve. A purple butterfly outline lit up her face and a deep voice spoke to her in silky smooth tones. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, you have been insulted, humiliated, worn down, trampled on, and disrespected. After a week like yours, no one would blame you for wanting a little payback The voice asked incredulously, the seductive quality dropping off for a moment to be replaced by disbelief.

And you're not getting them from me. Give it time, my dear. They all give in sooner or later. Usually sooner.

You aren't going to break me," Marinette declared.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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miraculous ladybug fanfiction marinette kidnapped by hawkmoth

Remember Me. Marinette struggles to stay happy nowadays but what better way to change your mood than with a change of location?

Adrienette // Kidnapped part 1

Adrien gave up his miraculous so he could start fresh. After all, his dad was in prison for being the super villain Hawkmoth and his other caretaker Nathalie died from over use of a broken Miraculous. So now Marinette is the guardian of the miraculous. Will her bullies lies get exposed? Will she find love in the most dangerous city in the world? Will she find out the identities of Gothams heros?

Yes, probably, but its all about the ride and not the destination. This is mosty a salt and Fluff fic. Binding one's wings is dangerous. When the pain from his private life almost gets him killed in his superhero one, Adrien is forced to make some difficult choices.

To make matters worse, the media and his partner keep asking questions that hit a little too close to home. Marinette is always prepared to save Paris. Thankfully her partner makes the burden a little easier. When Ladybug is too focused on purifying an akuma to notice her partner struggling, she is almost too late to save him from certain death. Trying to atone for her mistake, Ladybug begins to notice strange things about a partner she thought she new.

All the while, trying not to blow her identity by befriending him as Marinette.Note that whatever the truth about Hawk Moth, this fic follows the theory of him being Adrien's father. Standard disclaimers apply. Warning : Character death.

The words flooded over Adrien, the voices blending together. Deepest sympathy. So sorry to hear. My sympathies. Sorry for your loss. He couldn't remember now what it had been like with his mother; he suspected people had been able to say more about her, to recall some trait or some story to share and laugh and cry, but his father had dealt with people solely on a professional level for so long….

Adrien wasn't sure how long he stood there in the entryway to his home. It was filled with flowers from well-wishers, some heavily scented and some just brightly decorative. He didn't know the origins of all of them, though he knew some. His classmates. The various clubs to which he belonged. Nino's family. Some were from people he didn't know, ones given to Nathalie and other staff, which was nice to see. There were even bouquets from a few of the business his father had dealt with, and Adrien wished he suspected they had been sent with more intention than as a courtesy or to, perhaps, curry favour, but he couldn't….

Adrien watched dumbly as Nathalie accepted another casserole on his behalf. She looked cross, angry, and in the next blink she'd schooled her features to a carefully blank coldness. Her glare sent some people—people Adrien was fairly sure he didn't even know—scurrying to speak with some of the other staff.

The heads were gathered here today, for this. Most of them looked stunned, as if they couldn't believe this either. Adrien closed his eyes to shut out the sight of everything in front of him, but the memories came immediately. Adrien opened his eyes and looked at Nino, who was standing in front of him. Nino clasped his shoulders. Any time. Seriously, wake me up in the middle of the night if you have to.

I want you to, got that?Now, a shrunken Chat Noir must turn to Ladybug for help, while struggling to protect his identity. The Butterfly Miraculous becomes active again, and a new wave of terror spreads across Paris.

Black Widow. While recovering from an ear injury which leaves her unable to wear the Miraculous, Marinette is Akumatized into Black Widow and becomes the most dangerous supervillain ever to appear in Paris. Coin Flip. Explores what-if scenarios based on events in select episodes of the series.

Failed a Spots Check. Ladybug and Chat Noir accidentally walk away from a battle carrying the wrong Kwami, and have to find a way to get their own Kwamis back without revealing their identities to each other.

Follow Your Heart. When Marinette learns Adrien is in love with Ladybug, she offers him advice on following his heart and pursuing his feelings. How to Crush your Crush. Adrien asks Marinette for advice on how to approach the girl he likes, unaware of her own feelings for him. Kitty Litter. A Lazy Saturday Afternoon. Chat Noir reflects on his feelings for Ladybug; Ladybug shows up and they have a revealing conversation.

A Little Chat. After witnessing a murder in a back alley, Adrien is poisoned by a member of the Black Organization. A bored Chat Noir decides to follow Nathalie Sancoeur around town on her day off. Miraculous Ladybagel. Ladybug agrees to judge a bagel bake-off that quickly goes off the rails. Nooroo: Dark Wings Rise.

Hawk Moth has been defeated, but the nightmare isn't over. Papa Pain.

Sequel to "Papa Pain" Marinette's first date with Adrien is interrupted by an Akuma so powerful they're forced into hiding Chat Noir confesses his feelings for Ladybug and asks her to reveal her secret identity to him. A supervillain's attack divides Ladybug into multiple copies of herself representing different aspects of her personality. Shower Him With Attention. Concerned with Adrien's hygiene habits, Ladybug begins leaving an excessive number of gifts in his shower.

DAY 1. When Adrien and Marinette are assigned a history project together, Marinette gets to know Adrien better than she ever could have hoped.Hawk Moth had done it. He'd gotten the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculouses. He was rather taken aback after seeing Adrien when Cat Noir had detransformed in his trap. He was even more surprised for some reason to see his son's classmate when Ladybug had detransformed in his other trap.

Separating them had been the key to winning, and while Adrien hurled insults at the still masked villain, Hawk Moth paid no attention to him. He walked over to Mayura.

Adrien's eyes widened when the glass coffin opened, revealing his mother. I'll prove it. Once I make this wish for your mother to come back, we can be a family again.

He flipped through the tablet that Marinette recognized as being the one Master Fu had used. The one he had translated. Gabriel said a few words and, in a flash of brilliant white light, became a cloud of purple smoke.

The power is awesome! Adrien had begun running full force into the glass of his trap, trying to break out. Mayura moved back towards where Gabriel had been standing but made sure to not get into the purple cloud I've got you covered.

In a flash of light so bright, Adrien had to cover his eyes and fell to his knees mid-sprint. Mayrura turned around to see Gabriel on the floor as Emilie began to stir. Mayura collapsed next to Gabriel's lifeless body and cradled him as Emilie freed herself from the coffin. She saw Adrien banging on the glass and her husband lying on the floor.

A strange girl was next to Adrien in another sealed off room. She sprinted over and pressed the button, opening both traps.

Adrien leapt out and hugged his mother tightly. Marinette finally stood up and walked to the edge of her enclosure. Marinette looked over and saw Mayura rocking Gabriel's body in her arms. The trio started towards them and Mayura screamed at them, "Don't come near him! Don't you dare! It wasn't supposed to happen like this! He was supposed to be okay! They stopped short and Emilie recognized the Peacock Miraculous. That miraculous is broken.

Gabriel had fixed it. I can fix this! I can get him back! The earrings went flying and Marinette leapt up to catch them mid-air.

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