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Ruger p89 review

InRuger produced a limited run P89X convertible model, which came with a second barrel and recoil spring assembly that allowed conversion between 9mm and. The P89 was discontinued in late I have several Ruger handguns including the P85 which I bought in The also P89 lives up to the Ruger reputation as a quality USA manufactured firearm at a fair price purchased from Buds.

You cannot go wrong with this pistol. Buds is easy to deal with and I have just purchased another handgun from Buds. If you want reliability, this is the gun for you.

I've put over 10, rounds through mine. Never had a single jam. Never had a "Stove-pipe". I do break it down and clean it as a person should after taking it to the range.

Sage Advice About Best Ruger P89 Accessories

It's never needed it. It's not going to shoot dimes at yards. However, I wouldn't want to be a pie plate at 25 yards. This weapon is large wide. If you're going for concealment, this might not be the weapon of choice for you. If you want something that is going to fire everytime you pull the trigger and concealment is not an issue, You can't go wrong with this.

This is a Great Gun! I have dumped about rounds and have had no jams. It is accurate I can hit the target every time no problem. I love this gun Can't say anything bad about this pistol. Shoots sweet, never jams and is easy to handle. Would recommend this 9 to everyone. Unbelievable - I bought this gun back in at a gun show. I hardly ever shot it, but you know what?.

It shoots great. I find it to be a little heavy around the grips, but man is it ever accurate. As with all Rugers, it takes a lot of trigger pull in DA. But cocked and locked, ithe trigger is not so bad.

I wish they made this gun in a sub compact. It would be worth looking into. As with all Rugers, I found it to be highly reliable. No malfuctions yet, and pretty easy to clean.When we usually talk about any classic firearm made in America, the first name that springs to mind is the Ruger P To get the most out of this it is important to buy Best Ruger P89 Accessories.

Ruger's Best Pistol: The Ruger P-Series or \

When you think about buying accessories for this gun, there are many things you have to remember. You must make a very careful selection as you do not want to end with something that does absolutely nothing for you. So equip yourself with the right information before you proceed to make any purchases. Here are some interesting facts that will help you select the best accessories for your gun. With the number of choices thrown at you things can be a little daunting but it is something you can beat.

Here is what you can do. Crimson Trace is a company that has been in the business for more than two decades and is on top of the list of Best Ruger P89 Accessories. The brand has always included improvements in all their products and this laser sight grip is no exception. This laser grip features a dual activation that causes the laser to come on when the weapon is gripped in a firing position.

This features an effective red laser of Class 3R visibility. The quality of the laser grip is undisputed and it will last for a long time. The installation is quite easy which is a huge plus point. Put this on your shopping list and will not regret it. Looking for a front sight for your Ruger pistol? Consider your prayers heard.

Pat Cascio’s Product Review: Ruger P-89 9mm

This handgun sight is your new best friend for life. The body of the sight is made from high- quality resin which means it will last for a long time to come. Once you have installed the sight you can expect it to stay firmly in place. When it comes to performance this is flawless, it works great in low light and in the daytime too.

This helps you locate your target very easily and this perfect for any situation. This is readily available online and is one accessory that you should never miss out on. You have to understand that moving around with the Ruger P89 is not an easy task as it is a big gun.The Ruger P89 semi auto pistol is one of the "P" series developed by Ruger with the series still in production today. Specifically, the P89 is an upgrade of the P85 which was discontinued in The P89 is a rugged, strong, all metal 9mm handgun that is heavy and blocky.

I have two friends that have the P series pistols and I've had a good deal of experience shooting them. In several firing sessions, one of my friends' P series Ruger had failure to feed issues and jammed repeatedly. The other has one that has performed flawlessly and is a tack driver. Written reports from civilian users and police officers are generally quite favorable toward the P The gun is easy and quick to take down and assemble.

Many of these guns have been in use for quite a few years and are a workhorse for casual shooters, law enforcement and civilians who carry guns for self defense. If you do enough research on these guns you begin to get a sense of the durability of the gun from dependable reviews and owners. Reports from people who have owned the guns for years and put countless thousands of rounds through them report the very used guns perform as they did when new.

Though they have been discontinued for a few years, used models are quite abundant and found in a lot of gun shops across the country generally for a very reasonable price.

However, before buying a used one, give it a good looking over. Many of the used ones have endured thousands of rounds. Make sure the one you put down money for has been well cared for. The Ruger P89 weighs 32 ounces, has a 4.

Sorry for the short duration of this particular article on the Ruger p89 but there is not much more about this model other than what I've written.

The Ruger P89 was discontinued in Ruger now makes a P95 that is the current version of this firearm. Working with these guns didn't add much to my experience with a P series. It was a deplorable disgrace of a gun. Performance was almost non-existent with repeated failures. That was with any kind of factory ammo tried.He shows up and rescues you.

An alloy-framed Ruger P-series autoloader. Being a perpetually broke college student who depended on pulling friends out of ditches for beer in the winter months, it was probably a 9mm, because 9mm Wolf was cheaper than. And that means it was probably a Ruger P Sometimes they even printed it in the article blurbs on the cover. Because its frame and slide are finish-machined from castings, the Ruger P89 enjoyed a big price advantage over its closest domestic competitor.

Bruce Willis might not have used one in Nakatomi Tower, but it was the everyman handgun of its day. Is it reliable? Well, this example chugged through two cases of assorted ammunition with zero maintenance and zero malfunctions of any sort.

It was even reasonably shootable once one got used to its eccentricities. For instance, despite using tricks like inletting the grip panels into the frame, the cast construction makes for hand-filling dimensions … if you can palm a basketball. This is a large pistol. The reach to the trigger in double-action mode is a stretch for all but the largest paws. The best thing about the double-action pull is that you only have to do it once and then you can reach the trigger like normal for subsequent shots.

Normally, complaints about high-bore axis are overblown.

ruger p89 review

For most shooters, the effect of the bore axis height on Pistol A versus Pistol B in split times is lost in the statistical noise. Not the Ruger, though. The slide is a massive casting, and the shape of the backstrap ensures that said massive casting is positioned well above your grip. That was a great article that brought back fond memories. Yes, back in oldentimes, when I was working security to get through the police academy, this was a plentiful pistol, and every word you said was dead-on.

I remember the mag release being very sharp. And, of course, the weight. With a full mag, it was enough to anchor a Lund 12 footer in place for a day of bobber fishing.

Ruger P89 Review: Like a 9mm Mullet

Its a big piece of steel and fires anything you put through it and doubles as a hammer if needed. Awesome piece. Well written and funny as all get-out. Most of the other content here appears written by 10th graders who intend to become plumbers later in life… and I do mean the butt-crack sporting kind, not the Italian kind. I look forward to more articles like this from Recoil.

Bruce Willis may not have used a Ruger, but check what Ahnold is rocking in the True Lies posters and stills. Made me laugh. I still own the P90 I bought in college and it still shoots reliably.The original was the P, and Ruger was hoping to get it out in time for the U.

There were some early teething problems with the first batch or two of P handguns. There were a few reports of the firing pin slamming forward when the pistol was de-cocked and firing a round, which is not a good thing. Ruger, as is their wont, corrected this on P pistols that had MKII on the slide by repairing and updating them.

I was living in Colorado Springs, Colorado when the very first P hit the town. Only one gun shop had it— a gun shop that specialized in dealing with law enforcement, as I recall. People literally stood in line, to see and handle the lone P sample. I was one of them. I was struck two ways when I saw the pistol. To be sure, Ruger was selling every single P they could make, and there was still a very long backlog.

All was not good with one P sample. I wondered why the slide would lock-open during firing. It locked only halfway open, and it took some pounding to get the slide to close. After a few more shots, it did the same thing, over and over again. I ended up selling that gun in short order. However, the second P sample just purred right along, never missing a beat. The 9mm version held 15 rounds of the hottest 9mm ammo you could stuff in the magazine.

The gun weighs 32 oz. The frame was anodized aluminum, and the slide was carbon steel, gray in color, as was the frame. The barrel was 4. The first shot was a long but very smooth double action, and the following shots were single action. It was still a fairly long trigger pull. There is also a de-cocker on the slide, so you can de-cock it when you are done firing, before the magazine was empty. The de-cocker is ambidextrous, too. The front sight is pinned into the slide, while the rear sight was adjustable for windage only, and it is a little bit different in looks and a bit too small, if you ask me.

However, it gave a decent sight picture. It is not designed for concealed carry use, although with the right holster it is somewhat concealable. It was designed as a duty weapon for law enforcement and the military. The hammer is rounded type, easy to thumb cock if you want your first shot to fire from the single-action mode.

ruger p89 review

The grips are black space age plastic and tough. The grips are actually fitted into the sides of the frame. The trigger guard is plenty big enough so you can get a gloved finger in there.While many scientific investigations make use of data, statistics is concerned with the use of data in the context of uncertainty and decision making in the face of uncertainty.

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ruger p89 review

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